Start redecorating!

Are you bored and want to do something? You are redecorating your house specifically your living room; you bought new cabinet and sofa to complement your brand new Television set brought by your husband. So why don’t you redecorate your bathroom too to have your house fully redecorated? For several years, I have noticed that in every household, they redecorate their living room and dining area from time to time buying this and that but always left the bathroom area untouched except having it cleaned thrice a week. I wanna know why? The bathroom area also needs a little makeover even if once a year. Replace the old cabinets or your storage bins with a modernly design free standing bathroom cabinets perhaps.



Every part of the house is important and bathroom area is no exemption! Your bathroom is the secondary area where you mostly spend your time each day; so it really is a “must and should” to redecorate it to revive the lively atmosphere in your bathroom like when you had your first sight inside.

You don’t have to buy lots of furnishings, especially when you don’t have enough money to spend. What’s important in a bathroom is how you organized your belongings in there; from toothbrush to towels or medicine kits and even your customized toilet bowl dress with a mini carpet. Replace your old cabinet with one of the Paramount Bathrooms’ selection of free standing bathroom cabinets.

At Paramount Bathrooms, you can choose same styles but with different colors or even different styles with a variety of colors; you decide and you choose.



  • Single and Double Base
  • 5 Drawer Base
  • Toilet/ Bidet Units
  • Semi Recessed – 2 Door
  • Semi Recessed – 2 Drawer
  • Basin Unit and Basin
  • Sit in Basin Cabinet
  • Mid Height Unit
  • Tallboy
  • Mirrored Tallboy

Don’t worry too much if your bathroom size is not that big because Paramount Bathrooms has corresponding sizes of furniture that can be fitted perfectly inside. These collections of free standing cabinets can complement on your bathroom’s exterior since you can also choose what the color you want in your chosen cabinet. Imagine, 60 different colors to choose from? It is really a total WOW factor!

Why Paramount Bathrooms?

Why not? I bet that only Paramount Bathrooms offers huge selection of bathroom accessories with a price incomparable to others. Their accessories are not cheap like their price; the truth is all of their products are designed by their professional designers and made all in high quality based on their high standards.

Paramount Bathrooms are a family business engaged in the trading industry and number one in manufacturing high quality furniture of bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. All at 40% off the retail price!

Your bathroom may be small and simple but it can still appear stylish and classy by picking the right furniture or accessories in the bathroom and choosing the right manufacturer. Everything depends on your final decision! You decide and Paramount Bathrooms will follow you – to them, YOU are the BOSS!

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